The World’s Worst Prisons: Sabaneta Prison, Maracaibo, Venezuela.


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Aug 9, 2019 · Look at the figures: according to the UK government’s race disparity audit, relative to whites and Asians, black defendants at crown court were the most likely to be remanded in custody.

Inmate Watson, 41, has publicly confessed to beating two convicted child molesters to death at a California prison last month, after one of them allegedly “taunted” him by watching children.

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Sep 3, 2020 · Sarah Gonzales for The Marshall Project.

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Day after day, year after. Except for the old people, they're playing canasta or pinochle.

Image caption, Anton Romashov says his torturers wanted him to.


By Morgan Godvin. In the social hierarchy of prison inmates, mob kingpins, accomplished bank robbers, and cop killers tend to get the most respect.

True, there are some creepy exceptions, but for the most part, prison is full of people minding their own business and trying to just get through the day/week/month/year until. So imagine, they finally have somewhere they can go where they're never hungry, cold and wont get.

Sep 3, 2020 · Sarah Gonzales for The Marshall Project.

Some were slashed crossed the face to be marked for life as a "snitch".

A 2021 paper analyzing the experiences of 156 correctional supervisors in a northeastern U.

I sincerely hope you never have to do time. The worst part is the human waste used as a weapon/paint. Some of those prison campus' are huge, and it's a long walk for some mediocre food.

. Honestly most female officers were treated decent compared to the male officers as far as assaults went, but the issue we dealt with was the sexual harassment. . In genocide, people targeted don't stand a chance. .

I asked a drug court to send me to jail to get stabilized.

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May 9, 2022 · Working in “a meat grinder”: A research roundup showing prison and jail jobs aren’t all that states promise they will be No wonder prisons and jails face constant understaffing and that communities increasingly resist new facilities: Decades of research show that the physical and mental health problems associated with correctional officers' jobs are inherent to the work, and that new.

A row of cells in a Welfare Island jail in New York.


By Frank Tannenbaum.